What Are Your 2019 Resolutions?

Jan 23, 2019 | Blog

We asked GHWCC members to share what they look forward to accomplishing in 2019!

Resolutions. I love them. Not only is the New Year a new year, but as I was born during the first of January, it is literally a new year for me.  Which means it is a great time for me to reflect on the past year and work to do better.  I am a Capricorn.  This is when we are in our element.  Goats love to make goals to achieve them.  And hardship; we like a bit of that thrown in for good measure.  Nothing like a steep, rocky hill to climb to make us happy.

This year, 2019, is a big year for me. As of this last birthday, I have turned 66; the far side of old.  65 was like a levy; I knew old age was on the other side but if I was careful, I couldn’t actually see it.  But now, here it is. What to do?

The first thing I did was to appraise the situation with my glasses on (I can never unsee this), and oh my. Literally everything is going south. EVERYTHING! When I wave, everything shakes; my hair is thinner, and why don’t they make body Spanks? And the droopy chin? Sigh.

I have always exercised some, but clearly more is needed.  So in addition to what I already (mostly) do weekly…

Resolution #1: I set down a 30 day challenge for myself, in that I will run at least one mile four days a week and run two miles two days a week in addition to the weight training I have already been semi committed to.

The reality.  After the first couple of days, I decided I clearly overshot in setting this goal, but thank heavens for vanity because it has kept me going.  Still not easy though.   I have been sore for six straight days.

The second good point about exercising is having had a head injury and experiencing a type of dementia the couple of years after the injury, it is my fondest wish in life to end it not only knowing my name, but my dog’s name too.  Studies have shown that 20 minutes of exercise and a Mediterranean diet are the only elements that positively effect slowing mental deterioration.  While I would gladly to move to Italy and live on fish sautéed in olive oil,  that is not in the cards.  So I am exercising.

Resolution No. 2:  Somehow fit 100 grams of protein in my diet so I can exercise, without gaining weight.  The absurdity of this hits me as I am writing this down.  Drinking anything fun is totally out of the question and protein powder, cottage cheese, eggs, and yogurt have become my best friends.  Sigh. Again vanity is kicking my butt, so…

Resolution No. 3: Write down 20 things everyday that I am grateful for.  I have been pondering the question of why time flies by so fast and with some help from my therapist, I have decided I need to calm down the hyperactivity and…enjoy the moment.   I can’t sit still, I can’t shut up and I can’t relax.  As I was making this resolution I thought, ok,  how hard can THIS be?  Apparently also very hard.  The fact that I am struggling mightily to remember 20 good things by the end of the day is a sure sign that I have not been paying attention to my wonderful  life.   I would be the fist to say, Cinderella never had it better and my prince is definitely fabulous.   Apparently I just need to learn how to enjoy the moment.  Be grateful.  Breathe.  Relax.  Yikes!

Good luck everyone with your resolutions and even if we don’t make it through the end of the year with our good intentions intact, some weeks and months victorious are better than nothing, right?  I will be appreciative of whatever happens.  Happy New Year!

Susan Sarofim

Founder, Brooke Staffing Companies

I resolve to learn how to walk again in the  New Year!   “Contemplation in stillness” during my recent convalescence reminds me to reinforce the practice of: extreme patience with oneself and others, listening more than one speaks, quiet visits with friends, self-care / self-kindness, and a particularly challenging task – asking for and receiving help!  The experience of being “benched”  for the season underscores the meaning of an expression I frequently use with my pediatric patients – “If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live !?” …  Cheers to exquisite self-care in 2019 and beyond! Happy, Healthy New Year to all!

Kelli Cohen Fein MD., FACR

My professional resolution is to focus on expanding training and development opportunities for all employees in the organization. My personal resolution is to continue my volunteer efforts in the community – focusing on organizations where my daughters are I volunteer together.

Maria Martinez

Vice President, HR; Administration, Murphy Oil Corporation

In 2019, I hope to continue impacting women’s lives around the world, while continuing to be a good daughter, partner, friend, team leader, and team player. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to integrate life and career so that they become one and the same. On that note, I am therefore so excited to launch our Mogul mobile app globally, which will help women worldwide to achieve their goals and become the best versions of themselves. I am also excited for the release of GIRL MOGUL in hardcover and YOU ARE A MOGUL in paperback across bookstores nationwide. Finally, we will also soon be launching our annual sold-out MOGUL X conference for 2019. I cannot wait to share what next is in store for Mogul.

Tiffany Pham

Founder & CEO, Mogul

Well I pondered on this challenge of New Year’s resolutions.  I usually have a long list of things I want to accomplish or add to my bucket list…perhaps too long and very serious. So this year I kept it to 3 main topics:  Be Visible, Give Back and Live in the Moment.

Be Visible – I could definitely be content working hard and going home but I know to continue to make a difference in the business world and community, getting out of the office is key.  For 2019,  this means attending more specific networking/political events and being more engaged in my 3 new groups: Greater Houston Partnership/Executive Women’s Forum; Greater Houston Women’s Chambers of Commerce and Texas Wall Street Women Association.  As you can see, my theme centers around women empowerment. I want to be a vocal champion of women in business. It’s both professional and personal for me.

Give Back – As stated in Luke 12:48 and quoted by President “To whom much is given, from him much is expected”.  I plan to be more involved in giving back to the community.  This may be through a nonprofit or church organization.

Living in the moment- It is not all about planning out all of your life.  We have to be able to bring balance and enjoy the “today”.  For me that means,

  • Having more date nights and getting  more exercising
  • Rediscovering old hobbies…if I can only remember them!
  • Planning and going on my big trip to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary.  Italy sounds nice!
Rhonda Smith

CFO and Deputy Director, Houston Police Department