Welcome to Our New Interns, Daria and Jenna!

Jun 11, 2019 | Blog

A note from Daria 

My name is Daria Hatter, and I just completed my first year of college at The University of Pittsburgh. I am majoring in Finance and Marketing, and minoring in Africana Studies. I am very excited to be interning with the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce this summer, and to help with all the great work they do empowering women! In addition to working with the Chamber, I am also working for Central Houston in Urban Planning and Economic Development.

I’m open to exploring all fields, however I do have a great interest in Commercial Real Estate, Urban Planning, and Consulting. My current dream is to have an internship in Spain for Summer 2020! Eventually, I would like to attend law school, but for now I am focused on my undergraduate studies and being involved in student organizations that are important to me on campus such as the Roberto Clemente Minority Business Association as the Community Service Chair, and Women of Wisdom.

A note from Jenna

My name is Jenna Kabot and I am excited to be given to opportunity to intern at the Greater Houston Woman’s Chamber of Commerce this summer. I just recently graduated from Clements High School in Sugar Land where I participated in many extracurricular activities. Just this past year I was the Vice President of two popular clubs in school; Best Buds and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, also known as FCA. Best Buds is a club that focuses on developing friendships with special ed kids in our school to provide an overall good high school experience. FCA is a national organization that leads athletes and coaches into a strong relationship with God on and off the court or field. I was also a four year member of our FFA chapter. Through out these four years, I have raised a total of four pigs and one steer for the Fort Bend County Fair where I showed my animals to ultimately be placed for the auction. Finally, for my last season on the Varsity Volleyball team, I was the Captain, named Most Valuable Offensive Player, awarded First Team All District and Most Distinguished Female Athlete.

But beyond my high school achievement and interests, I have found a passion in making the world a better place. This all started when I begun my Gold Award Project for Girl Scouts in 2016. I realized that I can make a difference. Since then, I have been drawn toward saving the environment. I have decided to combine this with my love for math as I major in Mechanical Engineering and minor in Environmental Science at Baylor University in the fall. Before I make my way to Waco, I am excited to have this opportunity to intern for the Greater Houston Woman’s Chamber of Commerce this summer to learn more about the business opportunities the Chamber offers for women.

In Honor of Father’s Day, Daria and Jenna each have a note for their fathers:

To Donald Hatter,

Growing up, I was extremely lucky to always have my father around. I have always been involved in many sports and organizations, and my dad was and has remained my number one supporter. He was there to attend every single swim meet he could and would even fly out from Houston to Pittsburgh or wherever my meets where, to see me compete once I got to college. My dad constantly gets me to set my goals high and taught me that nearly no dream is impossible if you have the right mindset. Now when I was younger, always hearing “its about your mindset” could get quite annoying, but now that I’m a little older I have come to understand that he is right. I’m extremely grateful to have a dad like mine who pushes me to recognize my potential, and not settle for mediocre. I’m grateful for all the years of driving me to my practices, traveling with me, studying with me, cracking jokes, barbecues, and love. Happy Father’s Day Dad, I love you.

To Matt Kabot,

This Father’s Day, I would like to give a special thanks to the one man who has guided me and showed me how to be successful. My father has always shown me how far I can go in life. Whether that be the first woman to walk on the moon, or to start my own successful company and be the “next big thing”. I have never felt like I was ever limited or confined to do a certain thing or fill a specific role as a woman, and I want to thank him for that. He has pushed me to work hard and stay focused with whatever I am doing, because as long as I work hard and stay dedicated, I will become successful. My father has given me all the resources I could possibly need to educate myself and grow as a person. For example, he has introduced me to the Great Houston Woman’s Chamber of Commerce where I have been able to find and discover so many helpful resources to help me in the future. Because of my father and his great selflessness to provide me with so many things, I am the strong, young woman I am today. Thank you Dad, Happy Father’s Day.