At Murphy, Mission, Vision and Values Drive Employee Retention

Nov 4, 2019 | Blog

Written by Maria Martinez, Vice President, HR & Administration, Murphy Oil Corp.

At Murphy, our Mission, Vision and Values (MVV) are embedded into our daily activities and drive every aspect of what we do and how it is achieved. We believe in providing energy that empowers people and we realize that can take on many different forms. Through our MVV, we are building a positive culture which is supporting our retention strategy. Recognizing that retention strategies must be adjusted based on current conditions, below are three effective strategies that I am currently focusing on to drive engagement and retention:


  1. Work Environment – Creating a work environment that is inclusive, productive and empowering allows employees to show up as their authentic selves. By removing barriers, respecting each other and our differences and focusing on creating a positive workplace, our employees make meaningful connections with their colleagues and become more productive as a result.
  1. Training and Development – Putting a heavy emphasis on training and development within an organization allows employees the opportunity to grow and develop into the best version of themselves. Training and development is not ‘one size fits all’ and we approach it by keeping our employees’ needs in the forefront of every program that we offer.
  1. Benefits – Today, benefits include more than just healthcare which is why we strive to offer a robust total rewards package. I believe that by offering benefits that are competitive with industry expectations we can attract and retain the top talent. I realize that offering comprehensive benefits empowers our employees to accomplish more in their personal lives, which allows them to sustain their effectiveness while they are at work.