Look Within To Win: Is What He’s Taught Me, Jordyn Taylor Dean

Jun 19, 2020 | Uncategorized

By: Jordyn Taylor Dean
Growing up, my dad and I frequently went on brunch dates. Often, he would reminisce on the day he met my mom. He says time stood still whenever she walked into a room.
I grew up wanting to be just like my mom. I wanted to own the room!
And, I wanted someone to dote on me the way my dad showered her with love and attention.
He speaks highly of her and me. He was my first love!
But, my dad’s real superpower is his ability to stay cool under pressure.
He’s very easy going and fun to be around. Most importantly, he makes everyone feel valued.
My dad is the first person I call when I feel like I’m losing control.
I can hear him say: Jordyn, the only thing you can control is how you respond.
After my first heartbreak, he responded: You’re a lacking nothing, sweetheart. But reminded me to never stop improving myself.
Look within to win, is what he’s taught me!