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Michelle Garrison is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a privately held, multimillion-dollar international healthcare revenue cycle company called GetixHealth, LLC.

GetixHealth provides end-to-end revenue cycle services, custom-built to mitigate risk and decrease errors, while simultaneously increasing profits and delivering a simplified, patient-friendly financial healthcare experience.  As the CFO, Michelle ensures her team supports the company by protecting its assets and limiting its liabilities while providing up to date and relevant reports to drive behavior towards increasing the profitability of the business.

One of her greatest accomplishments is how she continuously supports GetixHealth growth with acquisitions of large legacy companies. Through her direct contributions and leadership, she has directed 12 acquisitions, expanded from one office in Houston to 15 offices across the globe, and directly contributed to an increase in employee count (+800%) and annual revenue (+500%).

Michelle attributes her early success to understanding the necessity of a good mentor, staying true to her values, working hard, and always doing her best, along with valuing the importance of rest and restoration. She encourages young women to find a corporate sponsor that will help guide and advise them in accomplishing their career goals.  Michelle believes that networking with others and putting yourself in environments that require you to stretch and move outside of your comfort zone is a major key to developing professional communication skills. Lastly, always value the relationships you make along the way.  They are lifelong assets.  Find out how you can lend a hand to others and not just look for a handout.


In 2019, Mrs. Garrison was a recipient of The Top 30 Most Influential Women in Houston Award.  Recipients of this award are successful, diverse women who encompass tenacity, discipline, and diligence in all aspects of their lives. Michelle also had the prestigious honor of being a speaker and moderator at the 2019 National Diversity Conference where President Barack Obama was the keynote.


Mrs. Garrison influences and advocates for success in all aspects of life, and it exudes not only in her professional accolades but also in her personal life. Michelle co-founded C.R.E.W. (Christians Ready Equipped and Willing which is a life skills group for high school and college student-athletes who complete Christian based teachings and community service, in preparation for the next transition in their lives.  Michelle appreciates the importance of giving back. In 2020, in partnership with Texas Children’s Hospital, Michelle started the National Coronary Anomalies Foundation (NCAF).  This organization is near and dear to her heart as her son suffered from a right coronary anomaly. NCAF’s mission is to increase awareness of coronary artery anomalies and to help prevent sudden cardiac deaths by providing education and communication.