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Families, couples, and groups are all looking to get together with the least stress and health concerns.  It is time for out-of-box ideas that you may have not considered in the past.  Here are 10 ideas to achieve a MAXIMUM vacation with minimal travel.  All these recommendations may be customized for your interests and special requests:

  1. All-Inclusive Resorts:  Mexico has a wide choice of all-inclusive resorts.  Cabo San Lucas is a short 3-hour flight, with Cancun/Riviera Maya a short 2-hour flight from Houston.  AI resort properties can be expansive with lush palm trees and fragrant paths for maximum social distancing.  Soak in the romance with your own over the water bungalow complete with butler service, swimming pool, and ocean lounge chairs.  Casitas, swim-out pools, and ocean views are designed for privacy and pampering.  Smaller resorts for a more romantic setting without the mass dining areas and crowded activities.  Some offer gourmet dining without extra costs.
  2. Eco-Friendly & Wellness Resorts: Spend your vacation in nature with only the ocean waves crashing and birds chirping in the background. These popular resorts are located off the beaten paths of Mexico, Honduras, and Costa Rica and most include wellness programs with yoga, luscious spas, and relaxing hot springs.  There is nothing more relaxing than waking up with a cup of Costa Rican coffee overlooking the rainforest and ocean with the howler monkeys playing in the trees.  Think hiking, kayaking, exploring, river tours, volcanos, and the most exhilarating zip lines you can imagine.
  3. Private Villas: If you are looking for an exclusive experience, there are private villas with breathtaking views, private pools, luxury accommodations, private chefs with custom menus, and a professional concierge to coordinate transportation, exclusive tours, and recommendations for the area’s best dining.  Pricing may surprise you and can be comparable to your group or family’s hotel rooms or cruise cabins.
  4. Island Life: Now is the time to enjoy the smaller islands such as Turks & Cacaos, St. Lucia, Barbados, and other islands that dot the Caribbean.  These islands are spacious and cater to your needs to connect with marine life.
  5. Dude Ranches: Do you have a hankering for the wide-open spaces and living the cowboy life?  Ranch vacations provide a range of rustic to luxury cabins for all size families.  Activities may include horseback riding, river rafting, fishing, photography, cooking classes, roping, crafts, and storytelling.  Special events include wine tastings, holiday festivities, drum circles, and stargazing.   Mix and mingle with real cowboys and cowgirls, including a girls trip with Cowgirls Hall of Famers.
  6. Small Ship Cruises: Smaller ships provide the luxurious cruise experience with fewer crowds, Celebrity Chef cuisine, and the opportunity to explore a variety of destinations.  If you desire an authentic way to travel and experience world cultures, a boutique all-suite ship or sailing yacht.  Smaller ships are available in Alaska, Caribbean, and the Northeast.
  7. National Parks: Iconic parks such as Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Glacier Bay, Sedona, Zion, and the Grand Canyons are welcoming visitors with spectacular views and an abundance of wildlife that seem to have appreciated the sparse crowds this past season.  Consider railway travel which allows you to relax and enjoy the views during your journey.  Reservations are required for many areas that have limited access, so plan before you go is a necessity.
  8. Mississippi River: Imagine meandering up the Mississippi River on a Paddleboat with Mark Twain telling his stories.  Visit historic destinations up and down the Ole’ Mississip as you float past the magnolias and relive our ancestor’s adventures.
  9. Great Lakes: The Great Lakes are an undiscovered treasure and now you can cruise in luxury to discover sites such as Thunder Bay, Mackinac Island, and Georgian Bay where you can explore some of the 30,000 islands that comprise this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Small ships have a 378-person capacity or less
  10. Customized Road Trips: If you love the road trip experience, but hate all the planning, customized road trips can provide deluxe transportation, private guides, and unique experiences all along the way. You won’t believe the hidden wonders you will find right in our own backyard. America awaits!


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