Who Are Your Frontline Workers?

Nov 13, 2020 | Uncategorized

Investing in your frontline workers is an investment in your company’s bottom line. Jennifer Walsh, director of futureAlign’s Frontline Forward™ Culture and Communications, described how to engage this unique set of workers to increase morale, productivity, retention and safety results in the Baytown chapter’s latest meeting.


“When you think about their impact, they are the ones getting the work done,” she said. “They are the people engaging with your customers. Without them, we wouldn’t have the products we need or the services that we provide. It’s essential that we communicate with them to get them on board with anything that you’ve got going on.”


Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a video highlighting the seminar and an article reviewing her tips were on how to engage this unique set of workers. For more information on futureAlign’s Frontline Forward Culture and Communications program, contact Jennifer Walsh at jennifer@futurealign.com or 281-520-8651. Find out about this certified woman-owned business at www.futurealign.com.


Jennifer Walsh

Account Director, Frontline Forward ™ Communications

C: 281.520.8651

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