When Opportunity Knocks, Are You Owning Your Seat at the Table?

Jan 15, 2021 | Uncategorized

By: Annette Kreuz

Last year, many managers I work with were suddenly faced with (on video) executives who needed skillful solutions for the health, economic, and moral needs of their teams. HR departments across the country were catapulted to the limelight and given an opportunity to show their value to their organizations. Some of them rode the wave with grace and skill, while others scrambled to gain the skills they needed to communicate up a layer in their organizations and contribute to the maximum of their capabilities.

Where did you fall? I know I fell somewhere in between, with shining successes and glorious failures.

I did learn though. Thankfully, I was exposed to a group of executive women I see monthly to discuss the business of human productivity. Their ability to rise to the challenge was clear, and as I benefited from it, I wanted to share the lessons these women had clearly gained through hard work and focus with the many contacts I knew, who like me, were starving for those tips, frameworks, and guideposts to advance. To go further. To accomplish their visions and goals.

This is why I began asking them to share tips with those who wanted them over a series of free workshops. They were on board. And so kicked-off my ‘OWNING YOUR SEAT AT THE TABLE’ Series of Virtual Workshops (Virkshops) to take in some quick tips and stories from these accomplished executives, but also to meet & practice applying them with fellow high-achievers, men & women, who attend the sessions.

There are many ways to learn. I’ve always found real stories of failures and successes to be the most lasting way to change your starting point, and begin to own the seat you have at the table in the moments that count.

Special Thanks to my USI cohort Sofia Frommer for partnering with me to carry these out & spread the word.


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Sofia Frommer | sofia.frommer@usi.com | 832.248.0266

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