MEMBER CORNER – An Interview with Franco Valobra, Founder and CEO of Valobra Master Jewels

Sep 16, 2021 | News

Q: Why did you decide to become a business owner? And, why did you choose this industry?
A: I really had no other choice. As a 4th generation master jeweler behind my great grandfather, grandfather, and father, it was my duty to carry on the family business and continue the hard work and success they built from nothing beginning in Torino, IT in 1905. I was surrounded by jewelry and its craftmanship as a young child and was taught the business from a very young age.

Q: What was your mission at the start of your company?
A: The primary mission of my company is and will always be to treat everyone with the quality and products and service as my grand grandfather treated the King and Queen of Italy.

Q: What services or products do you offer?  What sets your business apart from others?
A: Valobra Master Jewelers offer eloquent jewelry, rare gemstones, luxury timepieces and accessories, men’s cufflinks, and elegant gift items (most primarily for Italian designers) all with exceptional quality and the utmost respect in customer service. We sell Valobra pieces at retail as well as custom create pieces for anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, day of bridal, etc. Services offered are custom design, repurposing old pieces and family heirlooms, watch repair and services. I feel we are set apart by the quality of service we offer each and every person who walks through our door and treat them as they are our family. We go above and beyond every day to ensure our clients have the best product and the highest level of service. We also believe in supporting our community and thanking them for welcoming us when we first opened, both in New Orleans in the 1980’s and in Houston in 2006 after Hurricane Katrina. More than any other jeweler in the area, Valobra Master Jewelers gives back to organizations via monetary support, volunteer time and jewelry donations and we are committed to doing so for decades to come.

Q: What are some of your company’s long term and short term goals?
A: In the short term my goal is to continue my family’s tradition of exceptional jewelry making and design for all customer of Valobra Master Jewelers. My long-term goal is the instill the principle and business values to my next generations that were instilled in me.

Q: What would you do differently, if anything?
A: One thing I would certainly have done different if I knew better at the time is to come to the United States earlier to open Valobra Jewelry here had I known how wonderful the country is and how incredible the opportunities are in this great country.

I am often asked if it is more important in a successful business to always seek the highest profitability or to strive to purvey your clientele with the best values. It is like health and happiness, the two do not exist without the other.