Member Corner Julie Roberts, CEO of Elizabeth Anthony

Nov 11, 2021 | News

Member Corner
Julie Roberts, CEO of Elizabeth Anthony \
The head of a successful Houston company offers candid answers to a few questions about starting and growing a fashion business.

 Why did you decide to become a business owner? And, why did you choose this industry?
The entrepreneurial spirit has always been within me since the time I was a young girl. I made a decision that building a small startup business into something that had longevity was a challenge and risk I was willing to take. I didn’t really choose this industry, it chose me!

My mission in the beginning is no different 34 years later. I wanted then and I want now for everyone walking through the doors of Elizabeth Anthony to feel special and valued. I wanted to be there through the most important phases and occasions in one’s life. I think that is the legacy of the store.

What services or products do you offer?  What sets your business apart from others?
Elizabeth Anthony is a special place.  Our product mix includes some of the most exclusive merchandise in apparel, accessories and in fine jewelry available. I think what sets us apart is two things. We have an eye for curating gorgeous collections, but we never lose sight that the most important thing is “our customer” and providing exceptional service — every time. We have a saying “we’ve got you,” which sums up how we operate.

 What are some of your company’s long term and short term goals?
Goals – so, so many. We have many short term goals, to further develop our offering in fine jewelry and to continue to be “the place and resource for event dressing and evening wear.” We have a fantastic offering of fun daytime apparel and are reaching a new demographic. Long Term Goals – I will continue to have an active role in the business, but preparing to scale the business with my daughter who recently joined the “family” business.

What would you do differently, if anything?
For any business owner reflecting on the “what if” can be important at times. I had many opportunities over the years to grow my business, but made a conscious decision to keep the business in one location that was manageable while raising my children. The business was started when my son was an infant and my expansion into a bricks and mortar store came years later when my children were age (9) and age (1). Looking back I have few regrets and deeply appreciate all of those that believed in me.