Meet Our Interns

Jun 30, 2022 | News

Interns GHWCC | Greater Houston Women's Chamber of Commerce

GHWCC Interns Camila Hernandez, The University of Texas – Austin  Bersi Negash, University of Houston and Chelsea McGruder, Lamar University 

“Although it is only my second week as an intern here at the Greater Houston Womens Chamber of Commerce, I feel as if I have grown and learned so much already. It is a true honor to be surrounded by such an amazing team and inspiring group of individuals. I am excited to see what my future here at the GHWCC holds and am beyond grateful to have been given this opportunity to further my knowledge on event and market planning along with our chambers focus on women owned businesses. ”

Camila Hernandez, Intern  

“Considering that I have only been with GHWCC for a week now, I am proud to be a part of such a caring & personable team of encouraging women. I have gained so much knowledge on updating the GHWCC website & how to use different marketing strategies to expand the brand of small businesses and GHWCC itself. I have been an aid in the reconstruction of the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commences social media and website. This opportunity to work under such amazing women has been phenomenal”. 

– Chelsea McGruder, Intern  

“It’s my third week here at GHWCC and I already love it! I love being in an environment where I can meet women executives who are killing it in their respective fields. It shows that an office job is not just 9-5 and a cubicle. Personally, I’ve learned a lot about myself and my strengths and what I can bring to different environments. I’ve gotten a chance to improve my networking skills and learn more about marketing and working with clients one-on-one. I’m so grateful that I can work in such an encouraging and empowering office environment.”  

– Bersi Negash, Intern