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<strong>Resolution of the Board of Directors</strong>

Resolution of the Board of Directors
Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce

Houston’s transportation infrastructure requires resources to keep up with the growing population in Harris County, driven by the prosperous job market. Existing funding streams are not enough to keep up with the positive growth of our region. With more people, there is greater strain on our system. The enormity of the situation has Houston in a position where it cannot catch up on maintenance let alone make improvements. From the Port, to rails and roads, the GHWCC supports legislation that is directed at cost-effective solutions to improve infrastructure and drive transportation solutions for the region.

Economic Development
The GHWCC drives economic development throughout the Houston area by developing business leads and working with the state and local governments to craft incentives that attract businesses and create jobs. The GHWCC advocates for local, state and federal initiatives that drive economic development.

The GHWCC strongly believes, and an abundance of evidence proves, that the continuum that leads to a skilled, highly qualified workforce begins with the implementation of high-quality early education programs. Statistics show that students who have pre-K education are more likely to move through K-12, and onto trade schools or college. There are many opportunities for students to become productive contributors to the region’s economic development and overall community.

Sales Taxes on Professional Services and Real Estate Transactions

The GHWCC opposes efforts to expand the sales-tax base to include professional services—including real estate commissions—or real estate transactions.

Windstorm Insurance

The GHWCC supports a windstorm insurance solution that is actuarially sound and has better underwriting rules, adequate rates, liability limits, more stable funding strategies, and incorporation of the private insurance market in some capacity.

Home-equity Lending

The GHWCC opposes any effort to weaken the conservative home-equity lending provisions in the Texas Constitution.

Appraisal Reform

The GHWCC supports an appraisal appeal process that ensures property owners are treated fairly when protesting property valuations for ad valorem tax purposes.

Children’s Health

With sedentary lifestyles on the rise, it is increasingly important to keep children active. The GHWCC supports legislation that would create incentives for school districts to expand physical activity for school children throughout the day. The Texas economy would benefit from generations of better learners and healthier children and families.

Texas Medical Center
Houston is home to the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical complex in the world. The GHWCC values the State of Texas initiatives that fund health-related research and education and endorses legislation that ensures transparency and accountability for the respective governing agencies.

The GHWCC is concerned about the high replacement costs to businesses and contractors from the stealing of copper wire from construction sites and from existing businesses. The GHWCC supports stricter regulations for metal recycling entities, by restricting pay for a purchase of regulated material with a check mailed to the seller at the address shown on the seller’s personal identification document.


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