Tiffany Masterson is a Houston native and a mother of four who always felt an intense need and desire to give her children the best of everything. Drunk Elephant was born out of a passion to learn more about toxic ingredients, the effect they have on skin health, and to get to the root of what causes “sensitive” skin.

Growing up, there wasn’t a “miracle” product she had not tried, but she constantly found herself disappointed, no matter the price tag. Her quest for the perfect skincare solution seemed endless, until she was presented with an opportunity in 2009 to sell an imported bar cleanser. In the years that followed, she talked to dermatologists, editors, beauty buyers, skincare experts, estheticians, and customers all over the country about their skincare habits and needs, what was working, what wasn’t and what that perfect skincare solution might look like.

In a telephone conference with the beauty director of a national publication, Tiffany said, “I was amazed to hear her tell me what I had always suspected… that most products just don’t work, with the exception of a few favored things.” In other words, there was a need for truly efficacious skincare. Tiffany was inspired by the famous expression, “less is more,” so she set out to really learn about ingredients.

“One of my motivations in developing Drunk Elephant was to minimize my children’s exposure to toxic chemicals, hormone-mimicking fragrances and natural allergic sensitizers that we as consumers do not understand well enough. I was also attracted to the concept of having healthy skin that ages naturally and gracefully.” The Texas native wanted people like her to understand that the answer to healthy skin was simple—keep it high quality, stick to the essentials and stay away from the bad stuff. After years of listening, learning, researching and self-teaching, “Drunk Elephant Skin Care” was born. There is not an ounce of fragrance, natural or synthetic, in any of the Drunk Elephant products. They simply smell like what they are. With ingredient safety of paramount importance, the focus is placed on both internal health and external skin health. By eliminating not only hazards and toxins, but also the innocent-sounding natural fragrances that are irritants and allergic sensitizers, Drunk Elephant will change the way people view skincare. The products will not be categorized by skin type, but by women, men, kids, teenagers, and body. Her goal is to deliver top-of-the-line, affordable products that get the job done, formulated only with ingredients that benefit our skin.


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