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BlendIn Coffee Club is located at B, 8410 US-90 ALT, Sugar Land, TX 77478




Welcome to BlendIn Coffee Club!

Happy Belated Birthday to BlendIn who just turned 1 in November.  BlendIn is a perfect combination of modern style blended with old soul.  The modern-feel ventures from the white brick wall outside, the sleek-simplicity of the logo, and the live succulents nestled at every table.  Adorning the walls are world maps of coffee, the coffee process, and the exemplary love of staff, with certificates of course completions for baristas and brewers.


The old soul takes a minute to get to know, but it’s so worth while.  You won’t find a brew blended with more passion, knowledge, and love.  Exploring the website, the first post I found was that of two employees who traveled to Brazil to attend the Specialty Coffee Association’s Origin Trip, where attendees enjoy learning about the farms, cupping sessions, and sharing the experience with fellow coffee-lovers from around the world.  Making my way through Nick & Josh’s experience, one word came to mind: passion! As I continue to read, Nick writes “people aren’t in coffee for the money, but because of the passion”.


If I wasn’t already, what hooked me to this shop was the About Us page and the BlendIn Philosophy.  Owner & Founder Weihong Zhang found coffee in pursuit of happiness and fulfillment, and that’s what coffee could bring not just to him but to others around the world. Another passion of his is travel and he goes on to explain “Opening a coffee house doesn’t offer one the opportunity to see the world. Opening a coffee house that brings the world to its customers does.”


What truly poured into my heart about this shop were the little details, from the shop to the cup and reading the owner’s story is a further reminder that life is best enjoyed in the subtleties of the every day. And also: “Life is too short to drink bad coffee, let us start pursuing the best cup together.”


Kathryn Garza is a graduate of the Bauer Honors Program at the University of Houston. She studied Finance and completed the Certified Financial Planning curriculum. she is currently pursuing her CFP® designation. Kathryn also graduated from the Summer Venture in Management Program at HArvard Business School.

She is a native of the Rio Grande Valley where she spent her childhold playing soccer, performing in local theater, and helping her grandmother’s small-business. She is the eldest of three with two younger brothers and a loving home protected by four dogs.

Away from the office, Kathryn is a member of the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce, The Women’s Fund, and the C.T. Bauer College of Business Alumni Committee.

Kathryn Garza

Financial Services Professional, MassMutual