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Global Businesswomen’s Podcast

The GHWCC Gloab Business Womens Pod

The Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce Presents The GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod

We will bring you inspiring stories of women who are leading in the advancement of women and girls, from here and around the world. We will take you with us to our premier events and global destinations sharing topics of interest to businesswomen of all ages, and in all industries. You will meet entrepreneurs, executives and philanthropists who will empower and inspire you to succeed. Women are truly changing the world and opening doors for our and the next generation of women and girls.

Newest Episode

The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting (Beyond Weight Loss)

Few diets have generated as much buzz as intermittent fasting, a way of eating that involves abstaining from food consumption on a regular schedule. Touted as about when you eat rather than what, it’s gained great popularity as a means of weight loss. But its value beyond losing weight may be its promise of a host of other benefits — better heart health, improved cognitive function, blood sugar control, reduced inflammation, to name a few.

GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 38:
Fashion Designer Icon Diane von Furstenberg: Creative Inspirations and Life Lessons with Brooke Baldwin

Another look at our dynamic and engaging episode with International Fashion Designer and Author of “Own It,” the iconic Diane von Furstenberg. We captured her in an engaging conversation with Brooke Baldwin, sharing her philosophy of life as one of the most influential fashion designers of all time.

GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 33:
2022 Breakthrough Woman Jillian Jopling, Senior Vice President – Lower 48, Hilcorp Energy Company

A proven “oil finder,” Jillian Jopling, Senior Vice President of the Lower 48 at Hilcorp where she oversees ten asset teams, has responsibility of managing all aspects of an operating oil and gas field. She encourages her team to embrace and enjoy the time in each role. She says at times, she misses the rush of finding projects and seeing how her daily work impacts the company’s bottom line. She is committed to increasing value by leading with transparency and alignment. Hear more in this podcast about how she leads by example.

GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 30:
2022 Breakthrough Woman Johnte Archer, CEO, Archer Insurance Group

CEO Johnte’ Archer, founder of Archer Insurance Group, is a highly respected Minority-and-Women-Owned business. In fulfilling her goal of servant leadership, she created the SHE IS A CEO Foundation, a non-profit that inspires entrepreneurship and enriches the lives of 6th-8th grade girls. Hear how Johnte meets her personal dreams to create “a legacy of having uplifted and encouraged other women and girls to live out their dreams. I would hope that the women whose lives I’ve impacted to are better for having known me.”

GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 29:
2022 Breakthrough Woman Felicity Fowler, Partner, McGinnis Lochridge

Texas Super Lawyer Felicity A. Fowler has earned countless honors for her benchmark litigation in Labor and Employment Law. She shares how she wishes she had learned the importance of speaking up for herself earlier in her career. She advises women who are re-entering the work force to “find your trusted group of allies, mentors and confidantes and work hard even when no one is watching because even though you think people are not watching, they are.”

GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 28:
2022 Breakthrough Woman Heather Linton, DVP, National Accounts and Blue Energy, Solutions Sales and Account Management, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas

With more than 20 years in managed healthcare, Heather Linton has the instincts for which products are most needed. As the creator, and developer of the Blue ES brand, Heather is responsible for the strategy and direction of Blue ES, and developing tools, programs and services meeting the unique needs of customers in the energy industry. She oversees both national accounts and Energy Vertical, client retention and experience. Hear about how she encourages women with the best advice she knows: “Choose yourself.”

GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 27:
2022 Breakthrough Woman Jocelyn LaBove, Chief Aviation Risk and Regulatory Compliance at Houston Airport System

Jocelyn LaBove established the Houston Airport System’s Aviation Risk and Regulatory Compliance division from the ground up. She shares how being resilient, pushing through and knowing one’s value can be invaluable, regardless of age. Find out why the word “luminary” is the perfect description for Jocelyn.

GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 26:
2022 Breakthrough Woman Puja Sehgal, MD, Chief of Family Medicine at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic

Dr. Puja Sehgal is Chief of Family Medicine at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. Hear about the fulfillment she experiences in giving back to the community and the importance of mentors in shaping her career. “Always believe in yourself and let your instincts guide you,” says Dr. Sehgal. “Our biggest strength lies in ourselves and do not be afraid to take on new challenges and be open to learn and adapt.”

GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 25:
2022 Breakthrough Woman Robbyn Traylor, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Acute Care Services

Please join us on our August 11 Businesswomen’s POD to hear Acute Care Services’ Chief Medical Officer Dr. Robbyn Traylor’s wise words on how she approaches her work. “Excellence starts with a decision to be the best, and your positive intention for the work creates an atmosphere for success,” she says. “I would also advise women to offer your thoughts and ideas for process improvement to your team. You can lead right where you are- you don’t have to have a manager title to be an incredible leader.” Traylor also serves as Quality Officer at Next Level Urgent Care, LLC.

GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 25:
2022 Breakthrough Woman Consuella Simmons Taylor, Partner, Baker Botts, LLP

Please join us for our August 4th Businesswomen’s POD to hear Consuella (Connie) Simmons Taylor discuss how ‘mentors’ don’t come in prescribed shapes and sizes and often you don’t realize the impact they have until much later. She had an outstanding role model in her mother, while not an attorney, performed at such a high professional standard that her responsibilities were divided among three people when she retired. She is a partner in the law firm Baker Botts L.L.P., leading the Real Estate and Construction Section. Connie chairs the firm’s African American Affinity Group and the Houston Parents-in-Law Affinity Group for working parents. She serves as a mentor for the Global Women’s Forum and as one of the Houston parental leave mentors.

GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 24:
2022 Breakthrough Woman Ellen Ramsey, President, Let it Fly Events

Please join us for our July 28th Businesswomen’s POD to hear Ellen Ramsey, President of Let It Fly Events. Her firm is a magical, full serve event décor and idea cache specializing in collaborative design. She delivers unique solutions to galas, weddings, social events and corporate events, including multi-day conferences, awards ceremonies, and product launches. Her visionary approach and creativity allow her team to translate our clients’ wildest dreams into reality. Hear Ellen’s advice to those wanting to pursue a career in Event Planning & Design. Learn what keeps her motivated after so many years in business and find out what sets her apart.

GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 23:
2022 Breakthrough Woman Lauren Waddell, Family Law Attorney, Waddell Law Firm, P.C.

Please join us for our July 21st Businesswomen’s POD to hear Lauren Waddell, a Houston family law attorney. Lauren is a graduate of South Texas College of Law Houston. Her advice for women entering the legal profession: “[t]here is nothing that can replace hard work,” she says. “Women often have to work twice as hard as men to achieve the same level of success. Success isn’t given, it’s earned. Be authentic, work hard, and success will follow.”
Ms. Waddell is actively involved in leadership for legal and local community organizations. She currently serves on the Boards of the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce and The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art. She has served as the Chair of the Houston Bar Association, Family Law Section; the President of Texas Women Lawyers; and the President of the Association of Women Attorneys – Houston.

GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 22:
2022 Breakthrough Woman Caroline Verot-Moore,
Senior Vice President- Houston Market Executive at Fifth Third Bank

Please join us for this week’s podcast with Caroline Verot-Moore who will share her story of success through persistence, giving back and never taking no for an answer. Caroline also shares how she has accomplished her career goals and personal dreams, with strong mentors and sponsors who believed in her. And, Caroline will also share her experience working overseas in Shanghai giving her the opportunity to learn from a totally different culture than she was accustomed to.

GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 22:
2022 Breakthrough Woman Casey Curry
Senior Director of Strategic Communications and Philanthropy, Alliantgroup

Please join us for our July 14th Businesswomen’s POD to hear Casey Curry, Senior Director of Strategic Communications and Philanthropy at Alliantgroup. Casey will share her challenges and successes through her career journey from being a respected broadcast meteorologist to a fast-paced role in the corporate world. Casey also shares her belief that everyone is special, every one of us have qualities, skills, experiences that make us unique and that we should use them as guideposts in our lives. Casey also shares how giving back to the next generation of women leaders through STEAM education continues to be her passion. She encourages everyone to find their own.

GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 21:
2022 Breakthrough Woman Marisol Salazar, BOK Financial

Our June 30 podcast will feature Marisol Salazar, Senior Vice President, Regional Manager, BOK Financial and a 2022 GHWCC Breakthrough Woman. Marisol will share her empowering insights of how giving back has elevated her in her career and how mentors can change the trajectory of your career. As the daughter of migrant farm workers and a first-generation college student, she shares how her life inspired the founding of the “Maria Cruz Salazar Interview Closet” on the campus of her alma matter – The University of St. Thomas. The Maria Cruz Salazar Interview Closet establishes a place where students/alumni can find items needed to help them prepare for an interview by providing suits, accessories, portfolios, shoes, etc.

GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 20:
2022 Breakthrough Woman Dr. Robbyn Traylor, Next Level Urgent Care

Dr. Robbyn L. Traylor is Chief Medical Officer of Acute Care Services, Quality Officer and leads the Clinical Research Department at Next Level Medical, a Houston-based company delivering urgent care, primary care, occupational medicine, and clinical research to the community. Dr. Traylor’s professional experiences range from primary care to emergency medicine, utilization review and hospital medicine. Dr. Traylor learned the value of building teams with varying perspectives of how to overcome challenges and how, in doing so, we are professionally and creatively richer for our differences.

GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 19:
2022 Breakthrough Woman Julie Flowers, Chevron
Please join us to hear the dynamic GHWCC Board Member, Julie Flowers, Head of Global Talent Acquisition in Chevron’s Learning & Talent Center of Expertise. Julie was recently recognized as a Breakthrough Woman, and in this podcast, she will share her leadership tips that include being an inquisitive, active listener and how community service and giving back are vital keys to your success.
GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 18:
Meet two of Houston’s powerful women leading the business news scene, Giselle Rodriquez Greenwood Editor-in-Chief, Houston Business Journal, and Maria Reeve, Executive Editor, Houston Chronicle. They will share vision for the future of women leading in media and changes they would like to see in the newsroom. They are interviewed by Bob Charlet, the dynamic Publisher of the HBJ & GHWCC Board Member.
GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 16:
Join us for this empowering podcast with Lise Vesterlund. Lise is the co-author of No Club, along with three of her good friends, crushed by endless to-do lists, banded together over $10 bottles of wine to get their work lives under control. Running faster than ever, yet trailing behind their male colleagues, they vowed to say no to requests that pulled them from the work most essential to their careers. Their decade-long journey and groundbreaking research uncovered that women everywhere are unfairly burdened with “non-promotable work,” a problem we can—and must—solve. The No Club explains how making small, yet significant, changes in their workload can empower women in the workplace.
GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 15:
Carla Harris examines the journey from individual contributor to leader. She targets the essential skills necessary to succeed, like the importance of taking risks, creating a vision, and leveraging assets like relationships and partnerships. Hear her eight pearls of Intentional Leadership – authenticity, building trust, creating other leaders, creating clarity, diversity, innovation, inclusivity, and voice – qualities that you need to hone and manifest to become a powerful, impactful leader no matter where you work. She also examines the key traits of being a transformational leader, focusing on the gaps she has seen in leadership that could impede or damage any leader’s effectiveness.
GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 14:
Rachel Wilson, Head of Wealth Management Data Security & Infrastructure Risk
Morgan Stanley

Rachel is the youngest person in NSA history to be elevated to the senior executive ranks. You will hear her insights on cyber security and cybercrime in today’s world.

GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 13:
Ten Steps to Building an Iconic Brand with Tanika Vital-Pringle –

Learn the key steps to make your brand more marketable with Tanika Vital-Pringle, Founder, Chief Brand Strategist at Brand Rebirth. Tanika is a purpose driven, brand and professional development consultant serving the greater Houston region.

GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 11:
Conversation with Body Language Expert, Jan Hargrave. On this week’s episode, the nation’s leading behavioral authority and body language expert, Jan Hargrave, goes into detail on the skills needed to “read” your family, associates, customers, and – well –everyone around you. Tune in to hear how to identify the “hidden messages” that are communicated nonverbally in our daily lives.
GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 9:
This week’s conversation on the GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod A Conversation with Anne Corley Baum – Author of Small Mistakes, Big Consequences, a lighthearted look at the top 16 business mistakes that people make without realizing the potential consequences. Learn how to identify these common character mistakes that can make or break your relationships. Avoid making these mistakes yourself and learn how to work with and manage these personality types.
GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 10:
This week’s conversation on the GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod: A Conversation with Carolyn Rodz, co-founder, and CEO of Hello Alice. Under Rodz’s leadership, Hello Alice guides ambitious yet underserved people through entrepreneurship, teaching them to grow and thrive. Tune in for this week’s episode to hear how Rodz encourages entrepreneurs from all walks of life with big ideas to better their communities and make an impact.
GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 8:
This week’s conversation on the GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod is with Sarah Ruhl, best-selling author of Smile: The Story of a Face – An intimate examination of loss and reconciliation, and above all else, the importance of perseverance and hope in the face of adversity. Her intimate interview is moderated by the world-renown dentist, Dr. Guy Lewis.
GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 7:
This week on the Global Businesswomen’s Pod we have an insightful conversation with Lee Woodruff, Speaker, Author, Those We Love Most, Perfectly Imperfect, In An Instant, and Laurel D’Antoni, Philanthropist, Former Sports Management Consultant and TV Host: Overcoming Challenges No Matter What Life Throws at You
GHWCC Global Businesswomen’s Pod Episode 6:
This week on the Global Businesswomen’s Pod we have the GHWCC International Panel featuring our UK partners in the spotlight: Jurga Zilinskiene, MBE Guildhawk, Andrea Leadsom, Member of Parliament, South Northamptonshire, Craig Tracey, Member of Parliament, North Warwickshire and Bedworth, and Melody Meyer, President, Melody Meyer Energy, LLC