Portfolia Unlocks the Investing Power of Women to Shape How We Age

Sep 11, 2020 | Uncategorized

Women inform trillions of spending decisions in the US and make 80% of healthcare decisions for themselves and their families, yet less than 1% invest in entrepreneurial companies. According to the respected Diana Research Project, only 15% of companies receiving venture capital investment have even one woman on the team. It’s time for a change.

Portfolia designs funds for women to invest in the innovative companies they want to see in the world, for returns and impact. Portfolia’s members use their expertise and influence to invest in sectors where women make markets, often where no dedicated venture funds have existed before — it raised the first FemTech Fund in what is now a multi-billion dollar market. Using a portfolio approach, reasonable investment levels and educational opportunities to hone investing skills, Portfolia makes venture investing accessible for women leaders across industries.

Portfolia’s latest fund, the Active Aging & Longevity Fund, invests in emerging solutions that will improve longevity and vitality, as well as new technologies that will enhance the aging experience for those over 50, as well those caring for the elderly.

“Those over fifty living active and healthy lives today represent an enormous, multi-trillion dollar market, and one often overlooked by traditional venture capital” says Chantell Preston of Houston, a lead partner of Portfolia’s Active Aging Fund & Longevity Fund. “This segment presents significant return potential as well as the ability to get new technologies to market to enhance the lives of active seniors. Women should be able to invest in companies that create the dynamic aging experience they want for themselves and their loved ones, and Portfolia is proud to be leading the charge.”

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