An interview with Centrell Reed, Founder and CEO of CReed Global Media.

Sep 17, 2021 | News

Photo Credit: Que Ewing

Q: Why did you decide to become a business owner? And, why did you choose this industry?
I always knew being a business owner would be part of my journey. It’s the leadership and example in my family from grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and others who owned real estate, day care centers, restaurants, construction companies and more; owning is in my blood. Entertainment was my choice and it chose me. I was attracted to the fun, creativity, excitement and energy when I saw the amazing way elevated images of talented ordinary people in music and on screen made us see what was possible for ourselves and how those who entertained us rarely looked like my reality or even owned their intellectual property. I wanted to change those narratives, which the recent pandemic spotlighted; the lens in which we see possibility for ourselves and creating wealth for individuals by owning our contributions unapologetically. As an ACTION coach, ownership is a critical component for me in everything I do.

Q: What was your mission at the start of your company?
Opening CReed Global Media Studios in 2018 and launching the CGM TV Network; my television streaming network that you can enjoy on Roku, Apple, Amazon, and download the CGM TV app on your smart devices, was an absolutely unexpected gift. I knew it would happen; I just didn’t know when. My purpose has always been to be of service to others and add value on a greater platform. The events that transpired to find a space and create the TV network were nothing short of amazing. It was destined.

CReed Global Media builds collaborations and connects your media brand by providing digital, virtual, and video solutions to our clients. We are unique from other media companies in that we have a studio, media and production services and streaming television network in one company which means we can support our clients’ creative production projects from idea to distribution and revenue generation.

Q: What are some of your company’s long term and short term goals?
A: Our goal is to continue expanding products/services to support our creatives and small business community with media and visibility options including videography and photography services, watch parties, podcasts, live/virtual event production, and ancillary media services like websites to build their businesses and brands. Our studio is available for photoshoots, filming, co-working, meeting/event space, business support services including business address use and secure mail receipt; for all remote businesses including non-profits. We created those value add services to address the impacts of the pandemic on businesses and their needs. Our roadmap includes expanding our collaborations, global television network and presence to include varied edutainment, shows, movies, and more with monetized viewership for our content creators focused on women, youth influencers, sports, and diverse representation, with a bold move to aggregate content direct to set top boxes, smart consoles and TVs in the company of Netflix, HBO, Disney, Hulu and others.

Q: What would you do differently, if anything?
A: Reflecting on the beginning, I would have incorporated earlier for expanded investment opportunities. CGM is my growing baby. As opportunities arise having the collaborative partnerships and infused capital will be key for faster adoption of many ideas we are bringing to the media market. My vision is to see the lens of television change, ownership and monetization represented in different cultures on screen and as the norm not the exception so that everyone WINS. When we have more tools we can help more people grow and faster.

Our mission is to be the most sought after media partnership as we work to expand the entertainment industry starting in Houston.  I look forward to investors, community, influencers, celebrities, and our partners embracing us as opportunities for greater connection with CGM in new and exciting ways becomes available. Collaborations are welcomed. Connect with us.

Centrell Reed
CReed Global Media/CGM TV