Lisa Renko

Community Development Relationship Manager, Woodforest Bank

Lisa began her career in the nonprofit sector in 1988 to fulfill her passion for working on behalf of underserved and marginalized communities. After starting a family, she decided to dedicate more time to raising her two growing girls, Emily and Anna, now successful and independent women, ages 21 and 25. When she decided to re-enter the workforce, she was torn between her desire to grow professionally and the demands of motherhood. While waiting to interview for a job and striking up a conversation in the lobby with who she suspected was the ”next candidate”, she boldly approached the hiring manager, pitched the idea to turn the position into a job share with the “next qualified” mom waiting outside. This forward thinking propelled her to a career of service and ultimately a dream job in community development work in the Houston area. Lisa’s focus is to help people see what’s possible through connection, collaboration and the power of suggestion!