Marilyn DeMontrond


Marilyn DeMontrond serves on the board of the Child Welfare League of America. She also serves on the Texas Council of Child Welfare Boards and was formerly the chairman, and currently serves on the Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults board. She organized a fund raiser for “Go Blue day” where the theme was Stick Out Your Tongue against child abuse. Attendees used blue lollipops to turn their tongues blue. She then filmed a commercial to create awareness with the DeMontrond Auto Group employees and donated $50 for every car sold. In addition, she gave a check to the Child Welfare Board in each of the three counties they have a dealership.

Marilyn is a lifetime member of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo where she was a founding member and currently serves on the Junior Rodeo Committee as well as the International Committee. Marilyn has received numerous awards including St. Pius X High School, Del Sarto Humanitarian Award, Children’s Defense Fund, Beat the Odds Award, HLSR, Trailblazer Award and Volunteer of the Year from the Texas Council of Child Welfare Boards.